L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc., has delivered a high-uniformity box furnace to Soil Lab, a community-based workshop based in Chicago, as part of the 2021 Chicago Architecture Biennial. The furnace was provided with a fast-track shipment of four weeks to be able to be part of the biennial workshop program where local community groups will experiment with and gain knowledge of ceramic production and various processes.

The L&L model XLE 3636 is a front-loading, refractory-lined box furnace and has an effective work zone of 34” wide by 34” high by 32” deep. There is a horizontal double pivot door with a safety power cutoff switch. A ceramic hearth and standoffs are provided as a workspace for various ceramics and ceramic-based products.

The furnace has a series of inlets on the side and an outlet on the top. These can be capped off when not in use to preserve heat and can provide a “candling” effect where various ceramic byproducts can be removed from the furnace. Some of these byproducts can be corrosive and need to be removed from the system. The XLE 3636 is equipped with solid-state relays for fast, quiet cycle times to offer good control. These are housed in a NEMA 1 control panel with a single-point power connection. All required fusing and interconnections are included.

The control system is driven by a Bartlett program control with an overtemperature control to prevent the furnace from overfiring. The Kanthal Iron Aluminum Chrome coiled elements located on the sides, back, and door are controlled in two zones for balancing of temperature gradients from top to bottom.

All L&L furnaces can be configured with various options and be specifically tailored to meet your thermal needs. We also offer furnaces equipped with pyrometry packages to meet ASM2750F.

Options include a variety of control and recorder configurations. A three-day, all-inclusive startup service is included with each system within the continental US and Canada. International startup and training service is available by factory quote.

If precise temperature control and uniformity are key to your processes, then L&L’s XLE series is a great choice. Contact us today for more information.