PRESS RELEASE: L&L Receives Orders for a Floor-Standing Heat-Treating Furnace and a Large Fiber-Lined Furnace

XLE3648 Furnace

L&L Special Furnace Company recently received orders for a floor-standing box furnace for heat-treating saw blades along with a large floor-standing, fiber-lined furnace that will be used to stress-relieve and temper large steel castings.

The L&L XLE3648 has an effective work zone of 34” wide by 34” high by 44” deep. It includes an electric vertical door, an alloy hearth, and a complete control system. The furnace’s primary function is to heat-treat various tool steels that are used for saw blades, including high-speed tool steels.

The L&L FB336 has an effective work zone of 36” wide by 36” high by 72” deep. The fiber-lined furnace will be used to temper and stress-relieve steel castings. It includes a pneumatic vertical door, 24-inch-high convection alloy fan, a complete control system, castable piers, and a cast-alloy load platform for forklift loading.

Considering current events and the global economy in general, L&L has enjoyed a steady stream of business inquiries, with a higher than average quote-to-order ratio, which means that buyers are eager to buy and the key is for equipment manufacturers to be able to meet customer needs.

FB336 Fiber-Lined Furnace

L&L notes bustling demand in general heat-treating along with an increasing pulse coming back into the aerospace industry. Additive manufacturing and CMC production continue to demonstrate consistent growth and make significant advancements in technology.

The company certainly has seen its share of delays due to suppliers postponing deliveries, in some cases. L&L plans to keep its model GS1714, GS2026, and dual-chamber heat-treating and quench tanks in stock for quick delivery. We are beginning to see a bit of understanding as well, indicating that customers are more aware of unavoidable equipment delays due to existing supply chain issues.

In uncertain times, this type of business is encouraging but not without its hurdles, such as inflation, alloy pricing, and various supply chain issues that are a constant problem. Being able to source and substitute on the fly is key along with particular attention being paid to scheduling. L&L sends out biweekly updates to our customers so they can track their equipment progress from production through to completion.

The company’s diversity is always helpful in an unstable economy. Its strong presence in the heat-treating field, aerospace industry, high-tech ceramic space, and medical and automotive sectors allows L&L to provide products to many businesses in the thermal application market.

All L&L furnaces can be configured with various options and be specifically tailored to meet your thermal needs. The company also offers furnaces equipped with pyrometry packages to meet ASM2750F.

Furnace options include a variety of control and recorder configurations. A three-day, all-inclusive startup service is provided with each system within the continental US and Canada. International startup and training service is available by factory quote.

If precise temperature control and uniformity is a key to your process, then L&L is a great choice. Contact us today for more information.