Ceramic Fiber Lined Electric & Gas Fired Car Bottom Furnaces Up To 2200°F (1200°C)


The FC Series are ceramic fiber lined car bottom furnaces. They feature tight pneumatic car seals, electric car drives and a wide range of custom options including electric and pneumatic vertical doors, fans, zoning, program controls and custom hearths. The car bottom makes these furnaces extremely easy to load. They achieve high precision by featuring highly accurate controls, solid state contactors or SCR power controls, fans, multi-zoning, and very even spacing of elements for uniformity. Gas versions feature high velocity multi-zoned burners. Gas versions can reach 2400ºF (1300°C). Electric versions reach 2200°F (1200°C) with iron-aluminum-chrome elements, and up to 2000°F (1095°C) with the standard nickel-chrome elements. Insulation is all ceramic fiber except for hearth and hearth support. These furnaces can be designed for extremely heavy loads. Gas fired units are also available.

Power Source:

Electric, Gas


Car (Bogie)
Air or Inert or Nitrogen/Propane


Ceramic Fiber





Inside 78 84 99
External 114 132 106
Hearth 72 72
Uniform 72 72 72
Door Height Open 228

*** All dimensions in inches unless otherwise specified.


Standard 155
High 232
Max Temp (°F) 2200


Ship Weight 17000
Max Load 5400

** All weights in Lbs unless otherwise specified.

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