L&L Ships Second FB435 Model to Doncasters for Enhanced Production

New Furnace to Support Annealing, Tempering, and Heat Treatment of Steel and Castings

L&L Special Furnace is pleased to announce the delivery of the second FB435 model furnace to Doncaster Precision Castings of Groton CT, a global leader in the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, and automotive markets. This advanced furnace will bolster Doncaster’s in-house annealing, tempering, and heat treatment capabilities, significantly enhancing their production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

 The FB435 furnace from L&L Special Furnace features impressive specifications including a maximum temperature of 1850°F (1010°C) and working dimensions of 44″ width, 36″ height, and 60″ depth. The furnace operates in an air atmosphere, equipped with a vertical counterbalanced pneumatic door, and an 18″ diameter cast alloy fan. Its cooling system is powered by an automated ventilation system with a 600CFM venturi air mover, ensuring efficient and uniform cooling

Doncaster’s decision to add a second FB435 model highlights the reliable performance and trusted precision of L&L Special Furnace’s products. The 6 Zone SSR Control with digital biasing allows for easy balance of temperature gradients, Honeywell process controllers, and a NEMA12 industrial control panel with fused disconnect underscores the furnace’s advanced control and safety features. Additionally, the flat castable hearth and robust stack light audible visual annunciator system provide optimized operational functionality.

By choosing L&L Special Furnace’s FB435 model for the second time, Doncaster demonstrates their commitment to maintaining high-quality production standards. The furnace’s capacity to handle a typical load weight of 2,000 pounds reinforces its suitability for heavy-duty industrial processes within the aerospace and automotive sectors.

L&L Special Furnace is a renowned manufacturer of high-precision industrial furnaces, serving various industries including aerospace, medical devices, defense, and advanced ceramics. Our furnaces are engineered for precision, reliability, safety, and efficiency, offering substantial cost savings and productivity improvements for in-house heat-treating operations. With a commitment to excellence and industry standards, L&L Special Furnace continues to deliver exceptional heat treatment solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of our customers.