GS1714 Bench Mounted Box Furnace

L&L Special Furnace Co, Inc., has shipped five model GS1714 furnaces to a worldwide leading manufacturer of chemicals and chemical coating products located in the Midwestern United States. These products are primarily used in the medical field as a coating. They must be cured at 800°F and the furnaces can also be used for sintering of chemical powders up to 2,200°F.

The model GS1714 has an effective work zone of 10” high by 15” across by 13” deep. The furnace is designed to be placed on a bench top or with an optional furnace stand. It has a program control with six individual programs with up to six segments each. Each furnace is equipped with KISS datalogging software, which allows its temperature profile to be recorded on a PLC. This software can allow for 25 furnaces to be included and grouped in the data logging software. The furnaces can also be equipped with overtemperature protection.

Also available is the larger GS2026 with all of the same options as the GS1714 but with a working zone of 18” wide by 12” high by 24” deep.

The model GS1714 is in stock now at L&L and available for immediate delivery. L&L can ship even special GS1714 furnaces in about two weeks after receiving the order.

If precise temperature control and uniformity is key to your process, then L&L’s GS series is a great choice. Contact us today for more information on our GS series furnaces.